How to play tablatures on diatonic harmonica
There are several different types of tabs, so this may not be the same in all cases.
Generally in tabs are positive and negative numbers. The negative numbers represent a draw on a particular hole
and a positive number represents a blow into a particular hole.

Low Notes = plane numbers 4 6 4
Draw Notes = numbers with the minus sign. -4 -6 -4
Bend Notes = --4, ---3 (one minus more = half bend, two minuses more = full bend) or "~" character
Cord Notes = (456)

What means "my selection" menu ?
It is list of your favorites.
You can add your favorite song to your selection by just a click on link "Add to My selection".
For saving your selection for future use, you need to connect your Facebook your account to htabs.org.

Where I can find all songs ?

What means "Play" menu ?
It is randomly generated list of 5 songs for playing purposes. All with EASY tag.

What for is TAG section?
If you click on each tag, htastrongs.org will display list of related songs of the same type.

What means "best of" menu tab?
It is randomly generated list of 3 songs from most selected songs by users.

What means "toplist" menu
It is recent list of most viewed content.